Markers and participants must login on time for the process as per the time indicated on the programme.

The regional coordinator is responsible for the participants. Therefore, they must assist and ensure that the participants to have access to the site.

All participants are expected to remain logged in for the entire prescribed test duration. Participant can submit and log-out if they finish before the set time and wait for the results.

For round one and two, questions will be loaded in the system and marking will be automatic by the system. Therefore, participant will receive their individual marks soon after submitting their work online. However, the combined team marks will be announced at a later stage.

The final team marks will be determined by the responsible committee. After the committee logged into the system, all marks will be available for assessment to determine the teams scores.

Participants may only leave the system after the team results are announced by the committee on the NMO platform.

No persons, other than participants, officials and special guests will be allowed on the system during the test.