Eligibility / Limitations

High school leaners (Grade 8-11) can apply and participate in the Mathematics Olympiad.

Interested schools, learners and teachers should contact their nearest Regional Coordinator for more information.

Ensure that entry forms are fully completed; that the information is clearly readable, and you have entered your information correctly.


Each regional team consists of at most six (6) participants (at most 3 boys & at most 3 girls) under the supervision of one teacher and a Regional Coordinator:

• Must be a mathematics teacher;

• Each contestant must be a high school registered learner on the day of the competition;

• Contestants must not be enrolled in any post-secondary institution; and

• Each participating region must provide their contact details: postal address, phone number, and e-mail address.

There will be an online system for the event where registration will take place, each participating region should provide all required information for their team when registering as well as throughout the competition.

The day before, during and after the test

Each participating learner will be given login details to access the questions on the platform. The time will be set on the online system for the start and completion of tests. The team members will take the test individually on the virtual platform, and the overall performance of the team/region will be calculated as the average for all the team members that took the test.