Olympiad Coordinator(s)

The Coordinator(s) will be appointed for the term of one year and must be a mathematician. The Coordinator(s) must be fluent in the official languages of the Mathematics Olympiad Competition: English.

The Coordinator(s) is required to:

• Be familiar with the NMO online platform and be able to use it to ensure the region have participated in all rounds of the competition.

• Participate in the various working meetings; and

• Provide mediation before and during the coordination process, in case of disputes between team leaders and coordinators.

Problems Committee

The Problems Committee will consist of NUST and UNAM. The Problems Committee members will meet on stipulated times to work on the problems which will cover, as far as possible, the different areas of Algebra, Combinatorics, Geometry, and Number Theory.

Jury Committee

This committee will consist of the Problems Committee and the Organizing Committee. The Jury has the responsibility to select 12 problems from the short list recommended by the Problems Committee.